Benefits of managed IT services

One of the most important investments your business can make is the security, functionality and efficiency of your technology.


One of the most important investments your business can make is the security, functionality and efficiency of your technology. An internal team can support your business; however, outsourcing often provides longer-term benefits. A managed IT service provider who takes the time to understand you and work with you to achieve your business goals can be incredibly valuable, even beyond the 9 advantages of managed services  listed below.


  1. High return on investment

For the same cost as a small internal team, a Managed IT Service Provider (MSP) offers many more resources to benefit your business. An MSP can offer a much larger team of IT professionals, as well as access to the most advanced technology solutions to power your business. They are also often more effective in protecting your organization from cyber threats. MSPs offer far more resources, and therefore value, than a conventional in-house IT team can offer for the same price.


  1. Efficiency

By outsourcing your IT management, your business can focus on its core offering. Time spent on training new IT employees is transferred to the MSP. The MSP will also make sure your business adheres to your industry standards and regulations, once again saving you time and resources. Additionally, outsourcing to an MSP will ensure your technology is properly maintained, reducing disruptions and increasing uptime for your employees.


  1. Higher productivity

You may have people on staff with IT expertise who were hired to develop programs or train employees. However, it is easy for them to get distracted by various requests from coworkers, such as asking for help with login issues, resulting in lost productivity.


Outsourcing to a managed IT services company provides your employees with a dedicated helpline to call when they have IT problems. In turn, this allows your retainer's IT staff to focus on the tasks for which they were hired.


  1. Avoidance of security breaches

Cybercrime is always evolving, but you can keep your organization as secure as possible by outsourcing your cybersecurity to a specialist who stays up-to-date with the latest defenses. Your consultant will also help your staff recognize and avoid the latest threats directed at them, further reducing the risk of a security breach. Although cybersecurity is technically outside of typical MSP offerings, most expand their services to include cybersecurity offerings.


  1. Unlimited experience

Employees of a managed IT service provider are likely to have experience and knowledge in a variety of different industries. Employees also frequently continue their education and earn new certifications while employed by an MSP, offering a deepening level of experience. Also, because your company is outsourced to an MSP, the MSP will cover the cost of training and continuing education, as opposed to an internal team (where the cost will remain internal).


  1. Cloud-based services

The fear of a security breach is a major hurdle for most companies considering moving to cloud-based platforms. However, cloud-based access is imperative for users who need to access websites and accounts through their mobile devices. The cloud also allows your employees to work remotely and access your network on the go. An MSP can not only help you safely move to a cloud-based platform, but will also manage your maintenance in the future.


  1. Better uptime management

Each IT system must be regularly updated to increase efficiency and avoid downtime. To maximize uptime during normal business hours, system updates should normally be done outside of business hours. With an in-house team, this can often lead to overtime expenses.


With IT outsourcing, a team of qualified professionals will perform updates remotely when it is least disruptive to your staff. Uptime will be maintained, or even increased, with no additional overtime costs to you.


  1. Take advantage of your business against the competition

Outsourcing your IT allows you to focus on other aspects of your business to gain a competitive advantage by increasing your value proposition.


Additionally, cybersecurity is often a major concern for your company's potential customers. A secure company that you can trust with your sensitive data is certainly more attractive than one you don't trust. Often, MSPs extend their services to cybersecurity as well, and thus can provide access to the latest cybersecurity technologies to defend you and your clientele.


  1. Reinvest in your business

Often, budget constraints limit the opportunities that could help you expand your business. By outsourcing to an MSP, you will be able to reallocate excess funds previously spent to an internal IT department to further develop your business.